Lighthouse Ball

December 1, 2009

The Lighthouse Ball is available as a tea light holder or outdoor oil lamp, in glossy black or white porcelain.

I really like these… yet when I look at the outdoor oil lamp I want it to be really large, like at least 24″ round for use as a modern fire pit. oh well.

via: Grassroots Modern

The Stainless Steel Letter Mailbox at Lushpad is a “sleek and graphic mailbox, handcrafted out of marine grade stainless steel for a clean modern look, and tough to weather the elements. Featuring a real full-length piano-style hinge. The segments are welded together, and then the edges are hand-buffed.”

A Drop of Water

November 4, 2009

Here’s a different take on the rain barrel…it looks a little like a pregnant belly but still better looking than a big plain barrel.

‘A Drop of Water’ is a rain barrel that makes saving water really easy by providing a watering can that is automatically filled when it rains. This way, the user doesn’t have to fill the can with our precious tap water, but uses ‘free’ rainwater instead to water the garden.

A Drop of Water

Woolly Pocket Garden

June 25, 2009

Overlooking the odd hipster-y naked people on the website, I really like these Woolly Pocket hanging gardens, which come in all sizes.

 I actually have a thing right now for vertical gardens. I recently read an interesting blog where she talks about a vertical vegatable garden installed on the side of a food bank building in LA.

Röshults Grill

May 5, 2009

Röshults website doesn’t have an English version so I don’t know any details about this grill…only that I want it.

Röshults Grill

MOSS SUND Architects and Fig Forty have created the fantastic CISTA Rainwater Harvesting System. The harvesting system provides 100 gallons of rainwater storage within an 8-foot vertical planted frame. Below right is the concept featured at the 2009 Interior Design Show in Toronto…..sure beats the typical barrel collection method!

Zizmor Residence

March 12, 2009

As I’ve posted before I have this thing for horizontal wood fences, screens, etc. So one glance at Brad Zizmor’s  gorgeous deck off his small New York City apartment and I’m completely smitten. Zizmor is an architect with a + i architecture in NYC and recently had his apartment renovation written about in Dwell Magazine.

a + i architecture

Ice Laterns – Update

January 8, 2009

So it was finally cold enough for my ice latern balloons to freeze and they looked fanastic once I took the balloon off. However, when I tried to light a tea light beneath it, the lack of oxygen put out the flame immediately. Any thoughts?

Ice Laterns

December 23, 2008

I just read about ice laterns and can’t wait to try and make one.

I’m going to try the balloon method….don’t want to spend the money on a mold…

KORBO Classic 80 Basket

August 6, 2008

Not exactly sure what I’d use it for but I like the KORBO Classic 80 Steel Basket anyway. The large and functional basket is handmade in Sweden and is as suitable for garden use as well as indoor storage. Available in acid proof steel or galvanized steel.

KORBO Classic 80 Basket


August 6, 2008

I’d seen the round over the balcony planters awhile ago but wasn’t taken with them enough to post them. Now I see they have a square and rectanglar version that I like a lot better.

Steckling ‘cube’


Non Table and Chair

August 6, 2008

The Non Table and Chairs from Komplot Design from the Swedish company Källemo is made in hard rubber with soft surface, is waterproof and can be placed both in and outdoor.

Non Table and Chair

Solar Lampion

August 1, 2008

Solar Lampion by designer Damian O’Sullivan

via: 2Modern

Space Grill

August 1, 2008

The unique, swing-out grill system comprises of two heavy-gauge stainless steel grills that height-adjust for different cooking temps. On the top grill, sit a serving dish, a saucepan or use as a back-up cooking or warming grill. The larger main grill swings out to enable quick fuel top-ups. Underneath the bowl is an integral ash collector and adjustable ventilation system. It also has an eco-friendly bamboo chopping board and built-in hooks for tools.

Space Grill

The Veneto Furniture at Design Within Reach is made from sustainable teak with an innovative hand-woven fiber called WaProLace®

Narrow Modular Pavers

July 24, 2008

I love the modern feel of these narrow modular pavers by Stepstone Inc.

Rain Barrel

July 3, 2008

My garden is no where near my hose, so I thought something like this Rain Barrel from Smith and Hawken would be perfect to set down by the garden and also save on water at the same time. Crafted from high-density polypropylene, this barrel catches and keeps 60 gallons of rain water close at hand for watering chores.

Rain Barrel

Watering Balls

July 3, 2008

Smith and Hawken now has watering balls for your plants. Simply fill with water and insert the tip into soil near the plant root.

Watering Balls

Bronzed Hose Pot

July 1, 2008

I have the most horrendous hose reel on the side of my house….this would be so much better…

Bronzed Hose Pot


Son of a Bench

June 30, 2008

The Son Of A Bench features interlocking loops of hot-rolled steel create an intriguing form of mass and negative space.

Son of a Bench

Hello Stranger

June 27, 2008

Hello Stranger’s concave form encourages sociability but leaves open the option to sit apart. Used in multiples, Hello Stranger can be used to create interesting layouts that encourage different forms of interaction. Hello Stranger consists of a tough stainless steel frame together with a seat insert available in a variety of materials, from hardwoods to metals and plastics.

Hello Stranger

Teak Mailbox

June 20, 2008

The mailbox is hand crafted in teak by Barbanc

TK 01 Mailbox

Madison Planter

June 12, 2008

I have this thing for planters… put some succelunt in it and I’m a goner…

Madison Planter


June 10, 2008

This furniture is made from superior polyethylene-based synthetic fibers, which is both UV and weather resistant. The fibers are characterized by there durability and performance during temperature fluctuations. Resistant to pool water, sea salt, and changes in climate. Easy maintenance and a Non-toxic materials that is 100% recyclable and friendly on the environment. These can be left outside all year round and is able to withstand temperatures from -20°C – +55°C.


Horizontal Fencing

June 6, 2008

I found another example of horizontal fencing…I’m really quite obsessed with them…this one also has the varying widths that I liked on the other one….