Lilli Light

December 11, 2008


I’ve posted before about side tables & desks that double as a book mark but this one has the added bonus of having a light. Not to mention that the light contains a sensor that turns off the light when an open book is placed on the shelf. When the book is picked up again,
the light automatically turns on. Lili Lite also has a switch to turn the light on and off manually.

Lilli Light

It’s an odd thing for me to post about, but this is simply the prettiest drawer liner I’ve ever seen

they also similiar tea towels

Hammocks & High Tea


Bedside Saddle

May 15, 2008

Tired of stuffing your magazines, remotes, ipods, and other before bed essentials under the bed? Keep these items off the floor and close at hand in our bedside saddle. This soft faux leather saddle fits snuggly between the mattress and the bed frame. Magazines, journals, electronics, and other items can be neatly tucked away inside the saddle’s five pockets.

Bedside Saddle


May 13, 2008

I don’t know anything about it (perhaps one of you will), but I really like how they’ve used this stand/bench as a nightstand.


April 10, 2008

Here’s another concept design by Laurence Willmott. I especially like this one since I know many people who us their cell phone as their alarm

Research showed that 85% of people use their mobile phones as alarm clocks. ‘Snooze’ is a basic mobile phone with a secondary designed function – an alarm clock.





Kubo Shelf

April 9, 2008

I just saw this shelf over at apartmenttherapy. I like it as a nightstand but I like the idea of using it in the kitchen for cookbooks and what-not even more.

Kubo Shelf