April 10, 2008

Here’s another concept design by Laurence Willmott. I especially like this one since I know many people who us their cell phone as their alarm

Research showed that 85% of people use their mobile phones as alarm clocks. ‘Snooze’ is a basic mobile phone with a secondary designed function – an alarm clock.






Mobile Projection

March 10, 2008

Microvision is working on mini- or “pico-” projectors that can be embedded in cell phones and portable devices. Photobucket

I found their pitch to use the projecter to pick up women in a bar rather amusing….



I really hate those bluetooth phones stuck in everyones ears these days but Yves Behar has created a line of limited edition headsets that look as good as you can get walking around with something stuck in your ear.

Gold is for sweet talk, black is for dirty talk, white is for trash talk