January 22, 2009

I just made the mistake of showing these Crayon Sculptures by Herb Williams to my kids. Now they want to break all their crayons and try to make one!

Cosmetic Safety Database

January 21, 2009

So I’m getting older, I’m not going to say how old, but it’s old enough that the lies have started. So has the obsessing with skin creams and wrinkle reducers. I was even toying with buying the TNS Recovery Complex made from human fibroblast conditioned media or human foreskin (ha! ew!).

I’ve settled on various over the counter creams and have read here and there about the potential harm that the ingredients in these creams could cause, but never delved into researching what I was actually putting on my face. Then today I stumbled onto the site SkinDeep Costmetic Safety Database … you type in your product and it tells you how that product is going to kill you, on a scale from  1-10.

If your like me you have multiple bottle openers. Thrown in drawers, stuck to your frig, one on my key chain, I even have one that is shaped like a credit card to fit in my wallet. Yet this Carved Wood Elephant Bottle Opener makes me want what I obviously don’t need (which is usually the case).

Paintbrush Holder

January 14, 2009

Some ideas are so simple that it makes me mad that I didn’t think of them myself and patent the idea! …. this is one of them. I already use a magnetic strip to hold my paintbrushes and tools so why didn’t I think of this?

Paintbrush Holder

Bocci Pendant Lighting

January 12, 2009

How pretty are these Bocci Pendants?

Garage Door

January 8, 2009

Just saw these great garage doors on Blue Ant Studio.

Ice Laterns – Update

January 8, 2009

So it was finally cold enough for my ice latern balloons to freeze and they looked fanastic once I took the balloon off. However, when I tried to light a tea light beneath it, the lack of oxygen put out the flame immediately. Any thoughts?