Bocci Pendant Lighting

January 12, 2009

How pretty are these Bocci Pendants?

9 Responses to “Bocci Pendant Lighting”

  1. I love these lights. I can’t afford the installation above but I’d like to mimic it with a less expensive alternative.

    • Jorge F. said


      I saw the pendant lighting on this website and had to have them for my restaurant so i went and built them myself. The best part is each pendandt cost around $2 to make maybe less. Made from leds and candle holders, copper wire and clear epoxy glue

      • dana passig said

        Could you tell me alittle more how you made these. Thanks for your time.

      • jenib said

        if you click on the words ‘Bocci Pendants’ it will link you to a site with additional information on the lights.

      • Dana Passig said

        I can’t figure out how Jorge made similar lights. Bocci is pretty pricey.

      • brad said

        Could you supply more info on how you made these. Clear epoxy isn’t the easiest thing to use. Did you have to make a cast for each one or a single reuseable one? I am very interested in making them. I could make up a step by step guide on how to make them if I knew this info.

      • jenib said

        I don’t make these lights. Bocci does. Please refer to their website.

    • mr le fuer said

      i do the same with acrylic orbs and led light that surge different colors for less

  2. jenib said

    Please contact Bocci for additional info on these pendants

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