I don’t usually like many kitchen appliances enough to put them on this site, but the hand mixer by Philips is an exception.

Kitchen Scrubbing Cloth

September 3, 2009

The Kitchen Scrubbing Cloth by Hiroki Hayashi is a “natural abrasives in these scrubbing cloths make for a resiliant kitchen utility. No detergent is needed for use, though a tiny dab of soap can be applied for the greasiest of dishes. The scrubbing cloth can be used for several months, gets curlier and softer with use and resists odor and bacteria.

The yellow coarse scrub is made from recycled corn cobs while the red gentle scrub is made from peach pits.”

Available at The Shop at Cooper-Hewitt

Zucch Sugar Pourer

July 28, 2009

Available from MOMA, this sugar dispenser is ‘made of double-walled glass, and has a wide hole in the top for pouring and a hole with a rubber stopper in the bottom for refilling. Made by Alessi.’

Henrybuilt Kitchens

June 24, 2009

Henrybuilt has the best details that make their kitchens useful and gorgeous



Surya Dishtowels

April 21, 2009

I love these dishtowels….and they’d look fantastic in my kitchen….yet there is no way I can allow myself to pay $46 for 3 dishtowels

if you can, they can be purchased from le souk

Pipette Bottles

September 9, 2008

Camilla Kropp’s innovative take on an instrument that is usually used in laboratories and pharmacies is perfect for storing condiments such as oil, vinegar and soy sauce. Use the pipette to measure out exactly how much of each condiment you want.

Pipette Bottles

Dedo Seasoning Sticks

August 5, 2008

Dedo Seasoning Sticks by Bosa

Colander Cutting Board

July 2, 2008

The SpoonSisters have a unique stainless colander that allows you to “slide chopped foods into the unique stainless colander and rinse to your heart’s content. The colander can be easily removed from the board to carry to the stove or fridge. Maple treated with renewable mineral oil. Measures 22” x 10” x 1”.”

Colander Cutting Board


Lazy Utensils

July 2, 2008

The SpoonSisters have an interesting take on utensils. This spoon rests comfortably on the edge of your pot waiting patiently for you to stir or serve. Beautifully crafted from Wild Cherry Wood. Lazy Ladle also rests comfortably on the edge of a pot waiting patiently for you to stir or serve.

Lazy Spoon

Lazy Ladle


July 1, 2008

These are not your granny’s doilies. Bringing optimum functionality and style to the home, the eco-friendly and reusable silicone Doileez, come in minimalist patterns that protect furniture surfaces, while adding a stylish design element to modern decor. Available in a range of Modern-twist’s signature patterns including clusters and loop. These food safe, hand-silk-screened Doileez,are easy to clean and provide a variety of uses. Use them under vases, table centerpieces or to decorate food presentations at parties.



This walnut breadboard is designed so that the crumbs fall through into the hollow areas below, collecting there until the top is removed and the crumbs can be easily cleaned up.

16.5″L x 8″W.

Crumb-Collecting Breadboard

Sunken Kitchen with Bar

June 26, 2008

So I was looking at interiors yesterday and saw this sunken kitchen. The kitchen is fine, but what really caught my eye was the way they made the bar counter low to the floor and put cushions at it. I’m not a fan of high stools and thought this was a really great alternative.

more info: Ron Radziner

Large chip and dip tray has a removable heating element underneath the bowl section to keep the dip warm as long as you’d like. Stoneware tray can be easily removed from the element when serving cold dips or veggies, or when you walk around offering dips to your guests as they mingle.

Heated Chip & Dip Serving Tray

Coffe Sleeves

June 9, 2008

Be more “green” with your morning coffee to go. Instead of the hard rough cardboard sleeve that the coffee shop gives you, use these instead!

All coffee sleeves are made out of 100% recycled fabric. These started life out as a clothing item and have been recycled and given new life and meaning. All fabric has been washed and cleaned prior to sewing.

Each is made with double layer of fabric with quilting batting in between. Machine washable (on cold) and can be put in the dryer. Fits all coffee cup sizes

Coffee Sleeves


Open Air Utensils

June 3, 2008

‘Open Air’ flatware by Dutch designer Maarten Baptist is an exquisitely simple and elegant flatware showing possibilities of new shape and identity in an everyday tool. Designed with the open air in mind, Maarten set to develop the ultimate cutlery in looks and handling ability. The handles have rounded forms, and are very well balanced, a distinct sign of their excellent quality.

Open Air Utensils


June 2, 2008

Sinko is a very stylish sinkplug made completely from stainless steel. Beautiful and functional; just as all things should be. With its spherical surface, Sinko forms a complete seal and with a weight of almost a kilo, it stays put.

I really like this…I just have one question….how do you remove it when you want the water to go down the drain?


Folding Colander

May 23, 2008

My kitchen storage is a mess, so anything that may simplify it catches my interest.

12 polypropylene living hinges are incorporated in the design of the Folding Colander so that, when you put it away, it can be folded completely flat for easy storage.


Folding Colander


May 21, 2008

Binvention is a home recycling unit that enables you to re-use plastic carrier bags to compartmentalise and sort cans, paper, and plastic


Pun Tiles

May 19, 2008

Stefano Pirovano has combined the sign and the tile with his Pun collection.

Pun Tile

Produce Design

May 16, 2008

I just love this Suture Bench with storage by Produce Design…. with oxidized ash and carbon steel handles and sutures. 

They also make a really cool pot and pan rack.

A reclaimed beam is milled for a magnetic knife holder and fins that hang pots below. Trays in the top accommodate the knife magnet, lid storage, and spice storage and display.

Produce Design


Pig Lid

May 7, 2008

I found this amusing….and functional

Made of soft silicone with a pig face in the center, this multipurpose lid can be placed directly over ingredients in a pot to help them cook evenly, releasing steam through the pig’s snout. It can also be used to cover food in the microwave, and as a grip to open lids.

Pig Lid

Radiator Mug

May 1, 2008

“the radiator mug designed by stephen reed is a refreshing departure from the traditional handle-style mug. instead of relying on that handle to allow you to hold a hot beverage, the radiator’s stylish and functional fins do the trick, providing just enough contact to keep your hand warm”

Darumina Canister

April 24, 2008

I currently hide my canisters away in a cabinet because they are your run of the mill, ugly plastic containers. These however, I would let grace my counters…

The canisters were designed in 1967 by Sergio Asti. He originally designed it as a table lamp. The beautiful Darumina canister has a beautiful organic shape with rounded edges. It is made of high quality Japanese porcelain.

I don’t drink coffee and I never have time in the morning to do anything but run out the door more or less to make a cup of tea. Well now they have an automatic teapot that you can set for the type of tea you want – black, green, or herbal or or to the steeping time of your choice (3-7 minutes). Works with either loose-leaf teas or teabags

Steepware Automatic Teapot

The Eva Solo Thermo Water Flask is a double-walled thermo flask of stainless steel. It is available in both matt and polished stainless steel

Eva Solo Thermo Water Flask