Röshults Grill

May 5, 2009

Röshults website doesn’t have an English version so I don’t know any details about this grill…only that I want it.

Röshults Grill


Space Grill

August 1, 2008

The unique, swing-out grill system comprises of two heavy-gauge stainless steel grills that height-adjust for different cooking temps. On the top grill, sit a serving dish, a saucepan or use as a back-up cooking or warming grill. The larger main grill swings out to enable quick fuel top-ups. Underneath the bowl is an integral ash collector and adjustable ventilation system. It also has an eco-friendly bamboo chopping board and built-in hooks for tools.

Space Grill

Lazy Utensils

July 2, 2008

The SpoonSisters have an interesting take on utensils. This spoon rests comfortably on the edge of your pot waiting patiently for you to stir or serve. Beautifully crafted from Wild Cherry Wood. Lazy Ladle also rests comfortably on the edge of a pot waiting patiently for you to stir or serve.

Lazy Spoon

Lazy Ladle


February 26, 2008

Once again I’m wishing I could sew….(I can only get my mother to do so much!)


Apron Sewing Pattern  $11.95