Henrybuilt Kitchens

June 24, 2009

Henrybuilt has the best details that make their kitchens useful and gorgeous




Introducing chalkboard coasters that you can store on your fridge (or any other magnetic surface). These coasters are made with a special UV coated vinyl that you can draw on with regular chalk and then wipe off with a damp cloth for their next use. The cool thing is the cork backs have a small, strong magnet embedded in them so you can store them on the refridgerator when you’re not using them. Each magnet is counter sunk so the back surface of the coaster remains flat.

Black Chalkboard Magnetic Coasters


June 20, 2008

They don’t have their online shop up and running yet but they have some really pretty things.


Colette Malouf Jewelry

April 21, 2008

Colette Malouf has some beatiful hair accessories….

crystal mesh flower hairpin

and the sterling anemone hairpin are my favorites



March 31, 2008

Here’s an interesting take on the wall clock, stripping it of everything but the “Arms”. This minimalistic wall clock is made in aluminum. Available in black or silver.



Lexon Clock

March 28, 2008

Lexon’s new alarm clocks. A wall version will be available in 2008.


Jet Travel Clock   $50.00

Drum Lampshades

March 27, 2008

These drum lamp shades created by London Duffy come in two designs. The lamp shades have a printed plastic interior with a black fabric exterior. With the flick of a switch, the image printed on the interior of the shade is revealed.



Drum Lampshade   $150-270

Curtain Rod

March 25, 2008

I saw this idea to make your own curtain rod from metal conduit over at shelterrific. I only wish I’d seen it before I went and bought the run of the mill curtain rod I have from Lowes.



Right now I have an awful country-fied doormat that I got ridiculously cheap. I much prefer this one…


Palazzo Extra Long Doormat    $44.95

Toilet Paper

March 18, 2008

I currently use a vase to store my toilet paper…


which is an idea I got off of RealSimple when I got tired of my significiant other not being able to replace the roll of toilet paper. However, he still can’t manage to put the roll back in the vase so perhaps the Diapason would be a better solution for him.



Aer Lights

March 15, 2008

“The pattern in which the clay is formed explores a way to create gaps and spaces in the surface for the light to spread through as well as for the viewer to explore the interior space of luminiare; the void which the light occupies as it clings to the clay surface like a warm liquid. And when the luminaire is not lit, ambient light plays across the clay with subtle colour and shadow; the luminaire is never dark within.” Photobucket


Aer Lights


March 14, 2008

This is the “D/A Clock” by Alvin Aronson. His design counts each passing minute and hour with a series of digital LED inspired raised panels. 


Bachelor Pad

March 13, 2008

The accessories on my desk are basically made from samples I’ve found lying around, so I want this…but my samples were free and work fine….so….


Bachelor Pad


March 12, 2008

coming soon from EQ3 is this beautiful plate that I’d love to have to throw things, such as keys on, when I come in the door.



March 7, 2008

I love this for the bathroom to put all your everyday little things like makeup etc in…..however at this price I won’t be getting it any time soon…


retromodern  $395

Walnut Aloe Sari

February 26, 2008


tiviwear   $400

Trash Ties

February 19, 2008

TRASH TIES are a quick and fun way to tie your hair back.

Most simply, a Standard TRASH TIE may be worn as a barrette.

For up-dos, simply fish the folded tie through the hair next to your head and through or around the hair you’d like to hold in place.  Cross the ends over securely and voila!  The action is much like inserting a big ol’ bobby pin, but because the ends get crossed tightly over your hair, TRASH TIES won’t slip out like bobby pins can.




Save Paper

February 5, 2008


Save a tree with this ceramic memo board. Even comes with an erasable pen.