‘You can open it the Balancing Act Waste Bin by Eva Solo from any point around the rim and the lid is designed so that when it’s flipped up, it balances on the rim until you tip it closed. It’s a little bit magic and kind of makes throwing trash away fun.’

Eva Solo Balancing Act Waste Bin


June 16, 2008

Trashy’s lid, rather than swinging up, slides all the way to the side, which leaves the inside exposed for throwing the recyclable and compostables in. This sliding action allows the top surface to be fully used as a table top, with a 90 lb capacity. The landfill trash goes into a drawer bin which pulls out towards the user. There is a lower drawer for bag storage, and space in teh top for hazardous waste like batteries. The compost bin can be slipped out for countertop or in-sink use.



May 21, 2008

Binvention is a home recycling unit that enables you to re-use plastic carrier bags to compartmentalise and sort cans, paper, and plastic


EvaSolo Ashtray

May 14, 2008

For not liking smoking, I have a strange fascination with ashtrays….my latest one is the EvaSolo Ashtray.

Ash tray in steel and black silicone rubber.

Squeeze the rubber and the buts fall into the steel container.

EvaSolo Ashtray



May 6, 2008

The top mug of the Dustmug has a handle for the common burnable trash, whereas the bottom is for less common unburnables and recyclables. Used for separating any types of trash into two.



May 2, 2008

I hate the look of bags sticking out of garbage cans and yet most cans need some sort of liner, so I really love the simplicity of Tubelor – to keep the bag but loose sight of it entirely…

Smiley Bowl

April 16, 2008

This smiley bowl caught my eye for it’s uniqueness and because of the fact that it has a spot to put your trash (personally though, I think I’d want to use the top for the candy and the inside for the trash)

Smiley Bowl

Recycled Tire Wastebasket

February 25, 2008

This clever waste container is accommodates standard grocery bags or 8 gallon liners. Integral handle design makes for easy carrying. Made from reclaimed automobile tire rubber.


ReModern  $29