Paul Koh Toggle Key Switch

December 8, 2009

I had seen these light switch plates awhile ago but I don’t believe they were actually on sale then. Now Bobby Berk Home is selling them.

However, every light switch near an entry in my house has more than one switch. Hopefully they come out with a multi one soon.

Paul Koh Switch plate


July 16, 2008

Not my typical taste, but there’s something about some of the things at Napastyle that just catch my eye, especially the soap dispenser.

Clockwise from top left…

Firsthand Soap Dispenser

Pastello Ceramic Knobs

Antique Clawfoot Doorstop

Sostanza Brass T-Bar Pulls

Ceramic Bird Dish

May 14, 2008

Overall I’m over the bird phase, however, every once in awhile one still catches my eye…


Ceramic Bird Dish


May 13, 2008

There’s a lot of clocks out there, that if you ask me, go out of their way to be modern. I prefer a more understated modern, like the Max Bill Clock by Ameico.

Max Bill

Baby Shower Gift

May 13, 2008

Sure you could always get some cutesy thing for the baby as a baby shower gift, but I prefer these ‘on duty, off duty’ pillow cases.

This funny, reversible pillowcase set is the perfect way to help sleep deprived new parents avoid late night misunderstanding about who’s turn it really is. Embroidery on one side reads: On Duty; on the other Off Duty

On Duty, Off Duty – New Parent Pillowcases


Slinky Vase

May 6, 2008

Making it Lovely has a great vase made from a slinky. She got hers from her mother-in-law but I’d think it might be an easy do it yourself project. The coils move around, and there’s a vase in the center to hold the flowers and water.

Slide Faucet

March 26, 2008

The Slide Faucet has a top section that functions much the way a dimmer switch does, the more you slide the warmer the water gets.

It’s part of the collection for RVB by Alain Berteau.



March 10, 2008

I was at a friend’s new house over the weekend and showed me a house warming gift she had received. It was a wine topper made using an old door knob.


Knobstopper   $22 – $36

Color Helper

March 7, 2008

Some of us just have a God given gift for picking colors that look good together….for the rest of us they now make the ‘Color Helper’.


It helps you match and harmonize colors using what the manufacturers call “proven color ’science.’” Position it over a wall, carpet, or fabric, click it, and it will instantly supply the three closest color chip matches from a database of more than 13,000 shades from major paint manufacturers, plus recommend coordinating colors.

Color Helper   $229.00


February 28, 2008


Quilt and sham  

Heat Wave Radiator

February 28, 2008

Check out this radiator. Only $10,999.00 and it can be yours….I wonder what that thing weighs?!


I love this bedding…but I worry about how white it would stay


West Elm   $19-$159