Slinky Vase

May 6, 2008

Making it Lovely has a great vase made from a slinky. She got hers from her mother-in-law but I’d think it might be an easy do it yourself project. The coils move around, and there’s a vase in the center to hold the flowers and water.


March 31, 2008

I also want a new bed, but I just really hate spending money on large purchases. I, however, have no problem spending money on small things. Perhaps this is why I like to think I can build (or get someone to help me build) everything I see…..


I just saw this bed in an apartment shown on apartmenttherapy and immediately started to think how I could make it. Especially since I just found this website that sells hairpin legs ($22 ea), and you can always get a slatted bed frame from Ikea for $50 (queen size) so now I just need to price the wood for the exposed wood sections, and consult with someone on how those hairpin legs actually support the bed because that makes me a little nervous….