August 5, 2008

Dottings Vases from Mano Design

Holly Grace

July 15, 2008

Holly Grace creates stunning pieces of mouth blown glass with sandcarved patterns.


July 10, 2008

Glassybaby‘s are made through a multi-layered glass-blowing process and their color comes from different shaded color rods to produce a mix of opaque, translucent, and deeply colored glasses. This method creates a thick, strong piece of glass that has many functions and uses.

Slinky Vase

May 6, 2008

Making it Lovely has a great vase made from a slinky. She got hers from her mother-in-law but I’d think it might be an easy do it yourself project. The coils move around, and there’s a vase in the center to hold the flowers and water.

Love is Blind

April 22, 2008

Love letters transcribed into braille relief blanket the surface of the Love is Blind Vase


As if the shape weren’t pleasing enough, a bright color palette for these cast resin vases makes them certain conversation pieces. Martha Sturdy vases can all be used with our secret plastic cup trick. Take a standard 16 ounce cup and squeeze it into one side of a long rectangle, or use a row down the length of the vessel. Then, grab a bunch of flowers, anything, really, and plop them in. Adjust the height of the cup in the Martha Sturdy vessel.

Martha Sturdy Rectangle Tall Vase 

Vase & Place Card Holder

March 19, 2008

For anyone that may be getting married….thought this was cute….


Vase & Place Card Holder   $12.95 per 6

Flower Arrangements

March 12, 2008

Ovando does some truly unique flower arrangements


now all I need is someone to buy me flowers! ha!

Lin Vase

March 7, 2008

I love how the plant looks like it’s actually coming out of the split in the wood….


Lin Vase

Kim Westad

March 7, 2008

Found this designer over at Supermarket ….

Crocus Vase   $150.00


Sweet Peas   $80.00


Pod Stoneware Vase

March 4, 2008

Here’s a different take on the standard vase…


Vase   $19.95


February 28, 2008

I seem to be having a thing with bottles of late….


Drops  $275

Self Watering Flowerpot

February 27, 2008



I can’t keep a house plant alive to save my life….so this seems like a good idea…

evasolo   available in two sizes  $44.50 & $52.00

Pretty bottle

February 21, 2008


Generate  $49