May 13, 2008

There’s a lot of clocks out there, that if you ask me, go out of their way to be modern. I prefer a more understated modern, like the Max Bill Clock by Ameico.

Max Bill

Thomas Owen

April 23, 2008

Thomas Owen is a product designer from Bedford, England, and he has come up with some really great ideas.

‘One’ Folding Bike

A bicycle that folds into a light and compact case free of all dirty and protruding parts, it also comes with a power assist to allow you to cruise around with ease.


A hairdryer that can stand on its own when not in use, instead of left twisted on the floor. The cable can then be coiled around itself to be stored more practically. (assuming the stand doesn’t get in the way when you actually blow drying your hair….)

Behouden Clock

The Behouden clock not only tells the time but the household electrical output in hopes that if the user is aware how much energy and money they are wasting their behaviour should change.



March 31, 2008

Here’s an interesting take on the wall clock, stripping it of everything but the “Arms”. This minimalistic wall clock is made in aluminum. Available in black or silver.



Lexon Clock

March 28, 2008

Lexon’s new alarm clocks. A wall version will be available in 2008.


Jet Travel Clock   $50.00


March 14, 2008

This is the “D/A Clock” by Alvin Aronson. His design counts each passing minute and hour with a series of digital LED inspired raised panels.