Wrapping Gifts….cont.

December 23, 2008

Alright so here are some more of the wrapping ideas that I’ve accumulated… sorry I can’t link to where I found them

simple silver tissue paper  spruced up with ribbon (I don’t particularly like the ones they’ve used but you get the idea)

I also found some great tags on Etsy

Wrapping Gifts

December 2, 2008

I have this fascination with ways to wrap gifts. I tend not to do half of them because I’ve come to the conclusion that no one in my life would appreciate the time and effort I would ultimately put into it. So I thought I’d share my stockpile of ideas for those of you that are lucky enough to have people that would appreciate it.

I’ll start with my most recent finds since I can offer you a link for them. They are from Design*Sponge.

Here’s another pom pom idea from the same site that recycles a Target bag

I believe these are from Making It Lovely, from some time ago.

some fun with ribbon

these are actually wrapped up rolled quarters (or whatever coins you wanted to use), striped paper or plain paper with a ribbon stripe and finished with a clear cellophane.

Here’s something much simplier but still looks well thought out.

I believe I have a bunch more but I think I’ll put them in another post.

Baby Shower Gift

May 13, 2008

Sure you could always get some cutesy thing for the baby as a baby shower gift, but I prefer these ‘on duty, off duty’ pillow cases.

This funny, reversible pillowcase set is the perfect way to help sleep deprived new parents avoid late night misunderstanding about who’s turn it really is. Embroidery on one side reads: On Duty; on the other Off Duty

On Duty, Off Duty – New Parent Pillowcases


Engraved Moleskins

April 9, 2008

Engrave your book has custom engraved moleskins notebooks.

I thought they’d make a wonderful wedding present for a couple I know but then after I did the math I realized I would be paying $50 for a notebook…sure it has their faces on it but figured I’d just buy something off their registry instead…(of course I didn’t have the idea myself…here’s someone else)

oh they also have standard designs to choose from which are less expensive….