Zizmor Residence

March 12, 2009

As I’ve posted before I have this thing for horizontal wood fences, screens, etc. So one glance at Brad Zizmor’s¬†¬†gorgeous deck off his small New York City apartment and I’m completely smitten. Zizmor is an architect with a + i architecture in NYC and recently had his apartment renovation written about in Dwell Magazine.

a + i architecture


July 2, 2008

The Ample Sample contest was conceived as a way to promote creative re-use of the many thousands of carpet tile samples shipped to architects and designers. The instructions for the winning designs are available for free to others. The 2008 contest recently concluded and one of the People’s Choice winners was Evan Gant’s Green Screen

GreenScreen uses a standard carpet sample size (13.5 x 18), requires simple tools and very little work to assemble, perfect for an easy DIY project. GreenScreen can redefine any space, and is ideal for separating work and living areas in a home. Carpet samples work especially well for this task since they provide sound dampening qualities and an interesting visual presence. GreenScreen can be constructed to fit in a wide variety of spaces and can make good use of 150+ carpet samples