Viteo garden shower

May 28, 2008

As soon as you step onto the white platform, a meter-high fountain of water arises, showering you like a gentle summer rain. Nobody will realise that this plastic disc with its stainless steel framed base is a garden shower. Works on any even surface – no installation required. Also suitable for children. Simply connect it to your garden hose using the supplied standard 1⁄2″ adapter.

Viteo garden shower


CMU Planters

May 9, 2008

Check out these cmu planters that Jon over at Happy Mundane posted from the Garden Show at South Coast Plaza.

Anti Fly

May 9, 2008

Inspired by the Mexican tradition of scaring off flies by hanging clear bags from the ceiling of taco kiosks on the streets designer Jose Delao created the slick “Anty Fly.”. The refraction of the water, amplifies the colors and movements for the sensible eyes of a fly reflected on this sphere, scaring it away.


Horizontal Fencing

May 8, 2008

I don’t think I’ve shared with you how I’m obsessed with horizontal fencing.

but this one I just saw at apartment therapy has to be my favorite. I just love how they used two different thickness woods. It’s just stunning…



Terracotta Bird House

May 7, 2008

Made from all-natural clay, the Terracotta Bird House and its understated spherical design and small entry hole make it impervious to the advances of squirrels and other predators. The Bird House comes in recyclable packaging and includes a steel wire for hanging and a plastic protector to prevent tree damage.

Terracotta Bird House

Balcony mounted Grill

April 30, 2008

I just saw this great grill on Materialicious. It’s perfect for someone with no space for a full size grill.

While I have no use for these all terrain stairs right now they just strike me as something that may be good to keep track of for future use.

The Hewitt All-Terrain Staircase is the perfect solution for areas where a permanent staircase installation would be too difficult or costly. The system’s unique design allows it to be adjusted to almost any terrain or slope. Customization is easy with several lengths of modular stair, landing and rail units available. No permanent and costly footings are required. Simply use the optional landing pads, or pound the support poles directly into the ground. The lightweight, corrosion resistant aluminum construction makes set-up and take-down a breeze.


April 28, 2008

I actually saw the Bloomframe quite awhile ago before I started this blog but apparently it’s been in the development process all this time but is now scheduled to be available in 2008…

Bloomframe is an innovative window frame which can be transformed into a balcony. The dynamic balcony offers a solution for compact apartments in dense urban areas and can be installed in new or existing buildings. Hofman Dujardin Architects from Amsterdam designed and patented the balcony.

Cast Iron Twig Skewers

April 28, 2008

Grilling outdoors gets back to nature with cast iron twig skewers. While providing the look of an actual twig the cast iron branches distribute heat evenly and has a non-stick finish for easy clean up. 

Cast Iron Twig Skewers

Thomas Owen

April 23, 2008

Thomas Owen is a product designer from Bedford, England, and he has come up with some really great ideas.

‘One’ Folding Bike

A bicycle that folds into a light and compact case free of all dirty and protruding parts, it also comes with a power assist to allow you to cruise around with ease.


A hairdryer that can stand on its own when not in use, instead of left twisted on the floor. The cable can then be coiled around itself to be stored more practically. (assuming the stand doesn’t get in the way when you actually blow drying your hair….)

Behouden Clock

The Behouden clock not only tells the time but the household electrical output in hopes that if the user is aware how much energy and money they are wasting their behaviour should change.


Vadero Bench

April 22, 2008

Saw a picture of this bench from Ikea that I really wish I had a place in my yard for…


April 11, 2008

When I bought my house it came with a horrid T-111 shed

something like above only in an even worse blue color…. well I found this picture awhile back (I forget where) of a shed with a great little firepit area, and I would love to have some  handyman transform my ugly shed into this….

Falling Water Fountain

April 8, 2008

The Falling Water Fountain is a fountain that actually looks nice as opposed to those ugly plastic things that you see everywhere.

Falling Water Fountain


Conmoto Outdoor Shower

April 7, 2008

Most of us don’t have a use for an outdoor shower but if by chance your have a beach house or even a sand box (it connects using a basic garden hose)….here is the best looking outdoor shower I’ve come across…

Conmoto Outdoor Shower    $3600

Modern Birdhouse

April 4, 2008

I think I’ve seen these birdhouses by Dail Dixon before but I’m still impressed that I can be impressed by a birdhouse.

Modern Birdhouse


CU Table

March 27, 2008

The Tall CU side table by Kristalia is functional as a table, bench, or service top… use next to a sofa or near a bed. Suitable for outdoor use.


EuroFurniture   $439.99

Balance Bench

March 26, 2008

I don’t foresee my needing an outdoor bench but here’s a nice looking one by FerFor.


Fire & Ice Coffee Table

March 26, 2008

The Fire & Ice Coffee Table is a clever design that features an open fire set within a freestanding coffee table. One end has a recess for your flue less EcoSmart™ burner, and on the other, a recess for storage, such as ice to chill your favorite drink.





March 13, 2008

Deckhopper is a flexible deck chair that can be folded completely flat and hung on the wall when not in use.


Mathias Claerhout

Portable BBQ

March 11, 2008

The Portable BBQ is a fully collapsible grill that folds down to about the size of a folding chair with the grill plate being stowed away inside.


Portable BBQ   $40.23

“Solid Poetry” tiles

February 26, 2008

I would love to have my patio made out of these tiles. The design appears when the tiles get wet. However, they don’t list a price and you have to email the guy and that’s always a good indicator that they’ll be too much.