LOVE this bracelet

10m2 Khaki Tube Multi Strand Bracelet

MOSS SUND Architects and Fig Forty have created the fantastic CISTA Rainwater Harvesting System. The harvesting system provides 100 gallons of rainwater storage within an 8-foot vertical planted frame. Below right is the concept featured at the 2009 Interior Design Show in Toronto…..sure beats the typical barrel collection method!

As if the shape weren’t pleasing enough, a bright color palette for these cast resin vases makes them certain conversation pieces. Martha Sturdy vases can all be used with our secret plastic cup trick. Take a standard 16 ounce cup and squeeze it into one side of a long rectangle, or use a row down the length of the vessel. Then, grab a bunch of flowers, anything, really, and plop them in. Adjust the height of the cup in the Martha Sturdy vessel.

Martha Sturdy Rectangle Tall Vase