Rain Barrel

July 3, 2008

My garden is no where near my hose, so I thought something like this Rain Barrel from Smith and Hawken would be perfect to set down by the garden and also save on water at the same time. Crafted from high-density polypropylene, this barrel catches and keeps 60 gallons of rain water close at hand for watering chores.

Rain Barrel

I don’t think this necessarily looks the most comfortable, but I like look and the fact that it folds.

Reminiscent of a steamer deck chair, our folding barrel stave chair is made from salvaged 70-gallon oak wine barrels. When folded, the slats nest alongside one another, making the chair as flat as a comma. Individually numbered with the name of the winery branded under the seat. For those who don’t like to be alone, there’s also a bench variety.

Folding Wine Barrel Chair

I was looking over at Grassroots Modern and saw their link to make a lamp using an old  washing machine barrel, which looks surprisingly attractive.