Woolly Pocket Garden

June 25, 2009

Overlooking the odd hipster-y naked people on the website, I really like these Woolly Pocket hanging gardens, which come in all sizes.

 I actually have a thing right now for vertical gardens. I recently read an interesting blog where she talks about a vertical vegatable garden installed on the side of a food bank building in LA.


Watering Balls

July 3, 2008

Smith and Hawken now has watering balls for your plants. Simply fill with water and insert the tip into soil near the plant root.

Watering Balls

Bronzed Hose Pot

July 1, 2008

I have the most horrendous hose reel on the side of my house….this would be so much better…

Bronzed Hose Pot


Viteo garden shower

May 28, 2008

As soon as you step onto the white platform, a meter-high fountain of water arises, showering you like a gentle summer rain. Nobody will realise that this plastic disc with its stainless steel framed base is a garden shower. Works on any even surface – no installation required. Also suitable for children. Simply connect it to your garden hose using the supplied standard 1⁄2″ adapter.

Viteo garden shower

Something spooky but beautiful about this light….


Artecnica    $190