May 9, 2008

Make up tools and cosmetics can be neatly organized and readily accessed in the Trinity carrier just by turning the tray. A convenient handle even lets you carry it around.




i/o Desk Organizer

May 6, 2008

The i/o Organizer consists of modular ceramic and walnut elements which can be “plugged-in” to a sectioned felt and walnut base for customization. The design uses natural, warm materials that are ecologically responsible. In addition to the touch and interaction that is encouraged by the tactile quality of these materials, they also stand in contrast to the many metal and plastic desktop accessories currently available. Kaiju Studios is looking for manufacturing partners for the i/o Desk Organizer.

i/o Desk Organizer



Unstashed Notice Board

April 11, 2008

This wall mounted notice-board Unstashed is available transparent, white, black, green or red acrylic with elastic band in white, red or black, keeps notes and postcards in order.


 Unstashed Notice Board

Magnetter Key & Letter Holder by Umbra® beautifully corrals incoming and outgoing mail in your most high-traffic area. The surface is magnetic to hold key rings which looks so much nicer than hooks.

Magnetter Key & Letter Holder

also comes in natural colored wood


March 7, 2008

I love this for the bathroom to put all your everyday little things like makeup etc in…..however at this price I won’t be getting it any time soon…


retromodern  $395

Mail Collector

February 27, 2008


Jason Culler’s mail collector + tote above, “Designed for homes with mail slots in the door, the mail collector hangs in the mail slot, collecting whatever mail is slipped through, and can be easily removed for pick-up and sorting, thus fixing the problem of scattered mail on the floor.”


Doorknob Organizer

February 20, 2008

I just saw this wonderful little organizer at apartmenttherapy  Right now my mail and keys get thrown on the counter into messy piles. Doesn’t seem like it would be to difficult to make if you can sew, or have a mother who does like me….


if you’d rather not sew  $32