Gamucci Cigarettes

March 28, 2008

I live with a smelly, stinky, second hand smoke providing smoker, so if the Gamucci cigarettes weren’t so expensive (50 pounds for one kit) this would be wonderful. He could continue to be addicted to nicotine and not kill anyone else in the process….

They are rechargeable, electric cigarettes that offers smokers a chance of smoking in a much healthier way. They still get their nicotine hit, but suffer none of the negative side effects of smoking tobacco. The product is free of tar & other carcinogenic substances. It is non-flammable and without the danger of exposing the user to the 4000 chemical substances produced by normal cigarettes. It is pollution free and harmless to others. There isn’t the danger of second hand smoke. It is reusable so there is no problem with disposing of cigarette ends and there is no ash. It comes with two rechargeable batteries and is fuelled with 5 high strength cartridges, each with 16 mg of nicotine in them which is equal to 20 cigarettes.



Gamucci Cigarettes $100.00