Paper Shampoo

July 1, 2008

Not something I’d normally post about. But just recently I found myself without shampoo, since I hate packing bottles in my luggage.

An ingenious way to get your shampoo on in a very convenient, compact packaged form while traveling/camping this summer. These Dissolving Paper Shampoo sheets transform into a minty fragrant lather with just a little water (you can even use it with ocean water while camping) so you can keep your hair looking and smelling pleasant while away from home.

Paper Shampoo

Colette Malouf Jewelry

April 21, 2008

Colette Malouf has some beatiful hair accessories….

crystal mesh flower hairpin

and the sterling anemone hairpin are my favorites


Trash Ties

February 19, 2008

TRASH TIES are a quick and fun way to tie your hair back.

Most simply, a Standard TRASH TIE may be worn as a barrette.

For up-dos, simply fish the folded tie through the hair next to your head and through or around the hair you’d like to hold in place.  Cross the ends over securely and voila!  The action is much like inserting a big ol’ bobby pin, but because the ends get crossed tightly over your hair, TRASH TIES won’t slip out like bobby pins can.