Auburn Smart Base Desk Lamp

September 18, 2008


The lighting found in high-end business hotels inspired the design of this multitasking desk lamp by Pottery Barn. Featuring our innovative Smart Technology™, it has two outlets in its base to provide a centralized spot to charge electronics.

Auburn Smart Base Desk Lamp

‘Newly available in the United States, this minimalist wall-mounted CD player features a single speaker built into the player’s case. Sleek and functional, the player’s power cord hangs straight down and turns the unit on and off with a simple tug.’

Muji Wall-Mounted CD Player


June 9, 2008

A new twist to the classic car charger for iPod, the AutoPilot’s illuminated knob gives you controls for Play/Pause and Track Forward/Backward. You never have to glance down or touch the face of your iPod.


Care to guess?

May 8, 2008


Yeah, so apparently it’s a computer, the Enlighten Computer by Suissa.

Because of its unique form factor, Enlighten comes with a technology package slightly different than the rest of the Suissa collection.


Components that differ are: 

Enlighten’s design dissipates heat through the use of aluminum around the power supply and DVD drive and through careful venting of air into, around and out of the main housing.  By separating the power supply and DVD out of the main housing, we have been able to avoid a cascading heat effect found in many computer designs.



I posted in the past about the Belkins Conserve Surge Protector that is available this summer that allows you to completely shut off the power to devices that consume standby power with a handy remote control, but the Power Cost Controller Power Strip allows you to monitor its large LCD display to count consumption and cost by the kilowatt-hour, same as your local utility. Monitor your electric consumption by hour, day, week, month, even an entire year. Also check the quality of your power by monitoring voltage, line frequency, and power factor.

Available to ship May 21.

The Docking Entertainment System by Philips lets you enjoy DVDs and iPod videos on an 9″ color widescreen. Featuring a retractable adaptor for iPod and built-in SD/MMC card slots, you can view DivX movies or digital photos from multiple sources.  Of course, this would be much nicer if it came in a larger version.


Flat Wire

March 18, 2008

This flat, low-voltage wire is so thin that you can add light fixtures or home-theater equipment wherever you want without cutting holes. Just stick it on a wall or ceiling and then conceal it beneath a coat of drywall mud and paint.



Flatwire   Approx. $2 per linear foot

Mobile Digital Scribe

March 6, 2008

Mobile Digital Scribe is the first device ever to capture natural handwriting from any surface, and store it in the receiver for future use. Based on a revolutionary electronic pen that uses ordinary ink refill to write on any paper, the Mobile Digital Scribe stores handwritten notes, memos or drawings for easy upload to any computer at your convenience. No special digital notepad is required.Additionally, if the Mobile Digital Scribe is connected to a computer, handwritten text and drawings are displayed directly on the computer screen.Photobucketiogear