Candice Olson

July 10, 2008

Candice Olson has a line of furniture with Norwalk Furniture. She has some really nice pieces and the website let’s you customize each piece of furniture, so you can get an idea what it will look like before you buy it.

Candice Olson


May 15, 2008

I’ve just been checking out TheDieline, a package design blog. Here are some of my favorites….




Concrete Art

May 12, 2008

Transparent House has “created a way to refine a popular element of contemparary interior design such as polished concrete flooring. The design concept allows for application of any pattern to the surface either when pouring or afterwards when the concrete has set. The fine floral ornament promotes the clean and simple charactoer of the space while adding a touch of warm and live contrast and highlighting the cold austerity of the material.”


Transparent House


February 17, 2008

So I don’t have a small dog….I don’t really even like small dogs, but I love the look of this dog cage….perhaps there’s something else that it could be used for….

Well, I do have some small children……j/k



Pick Chair

February 5, 2008

PickchairA novel idea by Dror Benshetrit of design Studio Dror is the Pick Chair for Italian furniture company Sintesi. The Pick, which is made of flat wood veneer panels fixed atop a hinged metal structure, and is completely duo-functional, one, forming a decorative screen and two, a perfectly functional chair. Once removed from the wall, where it is exhibited as art, the hinges allow the panels to fold into a simple seating solution. It’s perfect for extra seating when you have friends over or as a beautiful decoration that lies against the wall when you don’t.