AQUS System

April 23, 2008

Oh this is brilliantly simple….

The AQUS System is an innovative water conservation device. The AQUS system capters water from the sink and filters and disinfects it to be reused for toilet flushing. Tucked inside the vanity below the sink, the AQUS reservoir works in conjunction with standard lavatory pipes and holds up to 5.5 gallons of water that is reused from the sink. A single hose connects the reservoir inside the vanity to the toilet, eliminating the unnecessary use of fresh water.


Bottleneck Saver

March 10, 2008

The bottleneck saver is a concept design that is part of the ‘Greenhouse Effect’, an exhibition by Orcadesign exploring the theme of sustainability in conjunction with the Singapore Design Festival. It’s designed to be attached to liquid soap dispenser necks and restricts the amount dispensed in order to reduce unnecessary wastage.

I’m just wishing they would actually make this so I could get my kids to stop using so much hand soap when they wash their hands.