Smiley Bowl

April 16, 2008

This smiley bowl caught my eye for it’s uniqueness and because of the fact that it has a spot to put your trash (personally though, I think I’d want to use the top for the candy and the inside for the trash)

Smiley Bowl

Candy Necklace

March 7, 2008

first they made candy rings more attractive….now they’ve done it with candy necklaces…..only better….

Sweet Silver replaces jewels with candy and gives you the option to leave ‘er there or devour it to reveal an underlying pendant. The necklace design is by Gisele Garcia and the candy by Papabubble.


Happy Pills

February 27, 2008

I’d seen these quite some time ago, but since then I’ve brought them up in conversation again and again saying this person or that could use some “happy pills”…. so since the wonderful concept stayed with me I figured I would post them.


“Against the unbearable lightness of being”, “Against mondays”, and “Against the square root”


they’re located in Barcelona but they don’t seem to have a website….

Candy-Glam Rings

February 18, 2008

So these remind me of when I was younger and would get those lollypop rings….only these I may not want to eat. While their not exactly my fashion taste they would make a hell of a conversation starter!