Ok it’s not exactly like the picture in the previous post but it’s close enough to make me very happy.

Read & Roll

I just saw this picture over at Plastolux and I’ve now I’m obsessively searching for a Toilet Paper Holder and Magazine Rack just like this! No luck yet….

Love this Bath Life Shelf and Towel Bar at DWR …. and it’s 50% off…which would be nice if it hadn’t been so much to begin with.

Ela Sink

July 31, 2008

Ela” sink created by the Spanish designer Francesc Rifé, can be configured as you want .

GE Caulk Singles

June 23, 2008

Being someone who has a house that requires its fair share of renovation and who hates caulking guns, I’m completely smitten with GE’s new caulk singles.

“GE Caulk Singles, single-use disposable packages of caulk, reinvent the caulking experience for the consumer by putting an end to caulk guns and hard-to-use squeeze tubes. With its deceptively simple, yet ingeniously engineered packaging, Caulk Singles dispense effortlessly with one hand, require no tools, and leave essentially no waste in the package.”

GE Caulk Singles

Free Sample!


The Considerate Seat

March 9, 2008

For all of you that can’t manage to “train” your men to put the toilet seat down, there’s the Considerate Seat with HydraGlide automatically lowers the toilet seat.


Considerate Seat $38.95

Soap Rocks

March 4, 2008

Ok…so first I found rings that were candy, then rings that were soap, now soap that are rocks…

Turquoise, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Fire Opal


Auto   $12.00

Thinker or Stinker

February 26, 2008

Thought these were hilarious….and yet a really good idea. Of course I write on my hand all the time so putting a roll of paper anywhere is a good idea for me.





February 20, 2008

Continuing with things that aren’t usually very awe inspiring… check out this toilet. The bench toilet incorporates a sliding exotic wood panel concealing the fixture and doubling as a powder room bench.



Julien Inc