The over-the-shoulder Rubicon Rucksack Bag by Petunia Pickle Bottom comes with two interchangeable linings that transform it from diaper bag (complete with bottle pockets) to padded laptop bag. It features a snap-in compartment for a water-resistant diaper pad, custom antique brass baby wipes case and leather valet stroller clips. Includes details like an adjustable shoulder strap and antique brass hardware.

They also make a similiar felt version, the Journey Pack.

They make such nicer designs for baby things now then when I had my kids….


“Binki” Holder

May 21, 2008

I don’t know how sanitary this is but it amused me none the less….

For all those pacifiers that always seem to be lost, now they can be kept in one place with a lilttle help from your Nassu. The holder also acts as the perfect place for drying those little “binki’s” after washing. Children will also learn to keep their pacifiers on their Nassu too, and they’ll be proud as they show off their favorites

Seimi Nassu Face “Binki” Holder

IoLine Crib

April 22, 2008

Available in soothing clay, warm taupe or in the rich, amber hue of oiled bamboo. The geometric patterning on the IoLine crib appeals to developing minds and when it’s time, the crib easily transitions into a toddler bed.


Studio Crib

March 3, 2008

Nurseryworks furniture almost makes me change my mind about having any more children!



Growmodern   $1780.00