Well… I thought that I could stop harassing my friends with countless emails of the things I find, and just start posting them here for them to look at….or you….

11 Responses to “About”

  1. jimsmuse said

    Nifty planter! Welcome to the blogosphere!

  2. Jill said

    Hi There!
    I googled monkey theme nurseries and a pic of the monkey hanging in the tree on the wall came up on your site. Can you tell me where you saw/found it? I need to get one to decorate my baby’s nursery, its so cute! I think they’re call wall deco’s? Thanks so much

  3. kayti said


    I stumbled across your blog and I just wanted to tell you what great taste you have! ; ) i literally found tons of photos on here that are exact photos I have cut out of magazines over the years and put into an “inspiration” type journal. It was so fun looking through everything here and seeing someone else appreciate so many things that I love and appreciate so much- as well as introducing me some great new things too! you’re awesome- i look forward to checking back in and seeing what’s next!


  4. Igor said

    You have a great taste for design.Just one word … incredible.

  5. sean said

    Great blog, fantastic articles. Looking for ideas on decorating our new apartment 🙂

  6. chichipiru said

    such a nice blog! 🙂 will be coming back for more…take care!

  7. Mae said

    Hola, LURRRVE your taste! I always look forward to checking out what you’ve compiled.
    I’m in the process of planning a wedding and I’m looking for some unique ideas. So kindly post if you find anything good – anything wedding is good.

  8. Paul said

    I really enjoyed reviewing your site.
    I am also very interested in horizontal fences. In fact, contrary to the typical fence in my neighborhood, I’m going to build a horizontal fence with gates…I’m going to include a touch of stained glass too.

    One of the great problems in building horizontal fence is overcoming eventual sag. Have you seen any nice details for post connections that prevent this?


  9. rich said

    stumbled in…
    great stuff.

  10. Nice blog…simple, very cool stuff.

  11. Lucy said

    Brilliant blog!

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