Silver Ornament Garland

December 1, 2008



I was just at Pottery Barn over the holiday weekend and noticed the decorated tree in their window. It had this gorgeous silver ornament garland on it that I am absolutely obsessed with now. Unfortunetley the picture on their website doesn’t do it justice, which is probably just was well because it is ridiculously priced (and it only looked to be about 4 feet long).

Silver Ornament Garland

3 Responses to “Silver Ornament Garland”

  1. Susan said

    I saw it as well and am debating whether it is worth the cost. It is 9 feet long (which doesn’t go far when wrapped around a tree) and on sale for about 35.00, originally 70.00. Their website states it is no longer available.

  2. Mike said

    I saw it a couple of days before Christmas myself. Very nice! I am going to make my own. I have bought a ton of post Christmas silver ornaments at like a dollar a box. I am going to use electrical wire as the core (the kind inside your walls – copper). I also think the strands were only like 3 ft. long. At the end of the project I hope to have at least 12 feet and will have spent under $30 (I hope). Wish me luck! Where is my crazy glue?

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