Horizontal Fencing

May 8, 2008

I don’t think I’ve shared with you how I’m obsessed with horizontal fencing.

but this one I just saw at apartment therapy has to be my favorite. I just love how they used two different thickness woods. It’s just stunning…



2 Responses to “Horizontal Fencing”

  1. […] June 6, 2008 I found another example of horizontal fencing…I’m really quite obsessed with them…this one also has the varying widths that I liked on the other one…. […]

  2. john said

    I to love these fences. So much so I plan on building one.

    I am stuck between deciding on the variation in thickness fence and the 2×2 and the invisible looking fell to this style. We can only go 4ft high in the front by law and I don’t want it looking like the great wall of China so am opting for the 2×2, but durability looks more problematic with this style.

    Do you know if the post were set a 4ft or 6 ft? They look to be 1″ gaps?

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