Riddling Racks

April 25, 2008

Each Riddling Rack has an antique look and is made from repurposed oak. Each one of the pieces has small cracks, splits, or knots in the wood that give them a fingerprint of their own. 


6 Responses to “Riddling Racks”

  1. Karen Tyree said

    Do you make these Riddling wine racks? If you do, do you sale them and for how much?

  2. Lisa said

    Actually, I do not make these items. I import riddling racks from the caves of France. They are in stock in my shop here in Texas. They are ready to ship.

  3. ladrille said

    Je reside en France (Epernay, Reims ) je vends des antiquités sur le champagne, j’envoi photos sur adresse email.

  4. ladrille said

    Good night,
    Thanks for your answer, I n have always not find d ‘importateur for the USAs, but I go esseyer l ‘adresse that you m ‘avez left, n ‘hesitez not in m ‘ to give it d ‘autres, thank you, tres warmly.
    Jean Luke France

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