March 11, 2008

So when I was looking at kitchens I was on Ikea’s website and I saw this kitchen….


and when I went to the “products that make this style” tab, it listed fabric. Wondering what fabric was in the kitchen, I clicked on it to find they had used fabric as their backsplash?? Which has me wondering if there is something you can do to fabric to make it water resistant seeing how this is the only way you’d be able to use it as a backsplash…. perhaps behind a clear piece of glass??

Katrin   $5.99/yd


One Response to “Backsplash”

  1. Painted canvas has been used for over a hundred years on boat decks. I doubt if that’s what Ikea is showing but if you think of the fabric used for tents, umbrellas, coats and jackets, etc. you can see that fabric can be pretty waterproof.

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