My recent obsession….

February 4, 2008


Is the paint job this person did on their living room. I found the design on the internet, now all I have to do is decide which wall I want it on and hope I can talk Lana into painting it for me!

I also want to make the shelves. I know exactly where I want those, and thought I’d use the bracketless type to create the same look.

2 Responses to “My recent obsession….”

  1. Lana said

    I especially like your use of passive-agressive painting service recruitment techniques.

  2. Andre said


    I think that is a sticker on the wall.

    Second idea, draw it in Adobe Illustrator. Ajust the size. Then go for an output (print) on material in a sign company. As they print they cut it. Then you stick it on your wall. Can choose any color and it make a nice look. It’a a suggestion.

    Nice to read you. Excuse my approximative english.


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